April 06, 2013

Here's why the words online bullying are an oxymoron:

  • When you're actually being bullied, it's in person.
  • When you're actually being bullied, you can't always ignore the person/people.
  • When you're online, the person isn't actually near you.
  • When you're online, you can ignore and/or block the person who is being mean to you.
  • When you're online, you can simply go offline, and the person/people being mean to you no longer have any access to you.
You can't be bullied on the internet unless you choose to be.  Even if somebody makes all kinds of accounts to try and harass you, you can still ignore and/or block them.  There are all kinds of tools and options at your disposal when you're online, to keep the unwanted people away from you.  If you can't see it, and you can't hear it, then how can it possibly hurt you?  I understand if someone is trying to ruin your reputation where you work.  If that is the case, then you have the ability to take legal action to get them to stop.  But if Susie Whatsherface is telling everyone that you've got a big butt or that you're ugly, are you really going to cry online bullying?  Are you that much of a child?

Look, this world is not nice.  This world is not fair.  If you expect to be treated nicely everywhere you go, then you're only setting yourself up for disappointment.  Nobody owes you anything that you're not willing to work and/or fight to earn.  I have nothing but a snarky comment and a chesire grin on my face for people who want to claim that they're being bullied online.  Why?  Because I find nothing funnier than someone who volunteers to be a victim, and then tries to blame it on other people.


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